Do I need to pay $25 for both the Junior and Open Shows?
No, it is $25 per animal to exhibit at Spring Dairy Expo. We only have one show per breed. The juniors are recognized and asked to pull forward in individual classes. There are separate classes for Junior Show Champions.

Can I show in both the red and white show and the black and white show?
Yes, an animal can be entered in both shows. It is $25 per breed show, you would need to enter that animal twice and pay the $25 entry fee twice.

Is there feed available for sale on the grounds?
No, there will not be feed supplier on the grounds in 2020. There will be show supply trailer on the grounds for grooming supplies like sprays, shampoos etc.
In addition, the Buckeye Dairy Club will have shavings available for purchase. It is provided in bulk and delivered by the bucket load. You can reach Ian Lokai at 937‐508‐7634 for delivery.

What ultrasound testing and milk sampling will be performed?
The ultasounding of udders in a breed show is done only at the request of state or national officials of that breed. A milk sample from the Grand Champion animal and the Reserve Grand Champion animal of each breed will be collected at the completion of each breed show. The samples will be tested within 24 hours at an Ohio Department of Agriculture laboratory.

What are the parking rules on the fairgrounds?
The current parking rate on the Ohio State Fairgrounds is $5 per vehicle each time a vehicle enters the fairgrounds. However, a three-day pass, that will permit a vehicle an unlimited number of entries to the fairgrounds, can be purchased at the gate for $14. All daily and three-day passes must be clearly displayed on the rear-view mirror at all times when your auto, truck, or any other vehicle that is parked on Ohio State Fair property. They will tow any vehicle without a pass.

Can I bed down on Sunday?
No, not this year. Ohio Beef Expo is the weekend before Spring Dairy Expo. The still have a tradeshow and Junior show on Sunday. Spring Dairy Expo exhibitors are not permitted until Monday, March 23, 2020. They have to have some time to clean out Gilligan and for the trade show exhibitors to remove exhibits from Voinovich.
Animals are NOT permitted until 12:00 midnight on March 23rd.

Can I use a tent in the barn?
Yes, tents are allowed in the barn. Only one tent per show string, not exhibitor, is allowed. You will be asked to remove additional tents and/or condense your tack space if is needed for additional cattle. The fire marshal will be around to check for fire extinguishers.

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