Entries for the 2021 Spring Dairy Expo are now ALL ONLINE!

Visit https://showman.app/shows#/spring-dairy-expo or click the link below.

Exhibitor Letter

Map of Pickaway County Fairgrounds

Late Entries and Substitutions

 Everything needs to be in the system by the March 28th deadline.  We do not want any late entries at check-in.  You are responsible for getting it into the system and paying online.  You also have control of all your entry information.  If you need to substitute an animal you can.  You can update anything but breed on your entries.  All information should be updated in the system by Sunday, March 28th.  We do not want to be making substitutions for you at check-in.  YOU need to get the changes in the system by SUNDAY, March 28th.

If you have any animal to add at check-in, it is $200. If we have to manually make a substitution, it is $100.  It will be much cheaper for you to get it done prior to March 28th

Entry Website

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Show Rules


Health Requirements