2018 Spring Dairy Expo Entry Rules

Ownership: To be eligible for competition, whether single or in-groups, animals must be entered exactly as ownership appears on the registration certificate. The registration certificate showing the most recent date of activity will be considered official. Registration certificates must be available for check-in by the breed superintendent at the time of arrival. All registration papers will be held until the completion of the show.

Transfers: Each breed will handle the ownership rules according to the rules established by the National and/or State Association. The rules by breed are listed below. If you need further clarification, please contact your State Breed Association contacts.

Ayrshire - Junior animals must be owned solely by junior or in partnership with the juniors’ name on the official registration certificate. All animals must have an official certificate no showing on transfer papers will be allowed.

Brown Swiss - The animal must be registered in the name of the Exhibitor. The paper must be an official paper from the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeder’s Association. The recorded ownership must show in the sole ownership of the exhibitor or partnership comprised of only BSA Junior Members (adult-junior and family farm partnerships are not acceptable). If joint ownership, one of the owners must be declared the exhibitor during check-in. Awards will be presented as one unit, to all owners equally. Junior members who have an animal on a national lease program can participate in the national junior show. They will need to bring the lease paper along with the registration paper. The owner of the leased animal will receive recognition as the owner in the open show.

Guernsey - Positive, readable ID must be available by sketch or tattoo. No transfers allowed.

Holstein: This is a designated Spring National Holstein Open and Junior Show and will follow Holstein USA Open & Junior Show Ring Policy; which is available online at:     http://www.holsteinusa.com/pdf/print_material/show_program.pdf

All Holsteins must be a minimum of 87% as indicated by their registration certificate. Holsteins can show on a signed transfer as long as the paper, signed transfer and transfer fees are turned into the breed representatives.

  • Premier Exhibitor & Breeder Points – Milking females will accumulate points on the National Holstein Show scale 40-point system, junior females and dry cows will be on the 20-point system. All other breeds will use a 20 scale for milking animals and 10 for heifers and dry cows.
  • • Premier Exhibitor: For premier exhibitor calculations the exhibitor of an animal will be as ownership appears on the registration certificate.
  • 1. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as the result of one exhibitor.
  • 2. Partnership or syndicate animals will be calculated as exhibited by the partnership or syndicate and not by any single partner or syndicate member.
  • • Breeder Defined – The owner of the dam at the time of service shall be considered the breeder of the animal. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as exhibits of one breeder.

Jersey: Showing on transfers will not be allowed.  Exhibitors must have an official registration certificate.

Milking Shorthorn – Showing on transfers will be allowed for animals purchased within 30 days of the show. All animals must show in the proper class. Junior animals must list the junior’s name, for example, John Doe of Doe Farms. The national black hair rule will apply.

Substitutions: Substitutions are allowed in the same class with the same-recorded owner or herd unit of the SAME breed. In addition, ONE open substitution (out of class) will be allowed per herd unit of the SAME breed. Once an animal has been substituted, the original animal entered shall be eliminated from the competition.

Dress Code: ALL EXHIBITORS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR WHITE TROUSERS or white skirts and official harness when leading animals in the ring. Violators will not be permitted to enter the ring.

Premiums: The monetary award for all breed grand champions ($100) and breed junior champions ($50) will be presented during the supreme champion class at the conclusion of the show. If an animal chooses not to participate in Supreme Champion class the monetary award will be forfeited. These champion awards are sponsored annually by the Ohio Purebred Dairy Cattle Association.

Exhibitors are responsible for being ringside for the class. The announcer will make every effort to keep the barn informed of show progress. However, show management is NOT responsible if you miss a class.


Quality Assurance Testing
  • • The Ohio Department of Agriculture has indicated that the OH Livestock Show Reform Act signed in June 1995; which includes all county and independent fairs, the Ohio State Fair, and all preview or jackpot shows or any exhibition over 36 hours in duration or has livestock whose origin is not OHIO, states Quality Assurance testing will be mandatory in the year 2018.
  • • In compliance with this Statute we are held to allow testing to be done at the SDE 2018.
  • • Quality Assurance testing means Ohio Department of Agriculture has the option of taking milk samples, ultra sounding udders, at the request of breed officials and visually checking for excessive manipulation of hair.


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