2005 Spring Dairy Expo Sales
Mid-West Review
Brown Swiss Sale
Managed by Modern Associates, St Paris, Ohio
52 Lots Averaged $4,156
Top Seller: Top Acres Coll Whistle-ET $21,000
Sire: R Hart BC Collection
B: Ken Maine & Peter Vail, Copake, NY
C:Top Acres, St Paris, OH
Ohio Ayrshire Spring Expo Sale
Managed by the Ohio Ayrshire Breeders' Assoc.
42 Lots Averaged $1,870
Top Seller: Hidden Valley Kinsman Rachel $5,100
B: Jessica Gatton, Crane, MO
C: Shawn Hernley, Lebanon, PA
Shiredale Soldiers Kassie $4,600
B: Robyn Smith, Cushing, OK
C: Robert Jump, Ada, OH
Buckeye Classic Sales
Managed by The Buckeye Dairy Club
Guernsey Sale
12 Lots Averaged $2,368
8 embryos Averaged $400
Top Seller: Morning Star Frank Paisley $5,100
Sire: Spring Walk BT Frank
B: Spring Walk Farm, Big Prairie, OH
C: Michael & Mark Fridenstine, New London, OH
Collettes Royal Abba $3,700
Sire: Aldens Valiant Royal-ET
B: Spring Walk Farm, Big Prairie, OH
C: Mary Beth Collette, Chuckey, TN