2014 Spring Dairy Expo Open Jersey Show


††††††† Cascadia Iatola Puzzle, exhibited by Iager & Walton was named as the Grand Champion in the Open Show at the 2014 Spring Dairy Expo, whileHawk Pond Rosecrans Maddie, exhibited by River Valley Jerseys took home the Reserve Grand Champion banner.

††††† The Junior Champion in the show, M Signature Valentino Scarlett-ET, was exhibited by Signature Cattle and the Reserve Junior Champion,Miss Triple T Sure Bet was exhibited by .McGuires Holsteins & Jerseys

†††† The Intermediate Champion, Green Views Barracuda Julie , was exhibited by Harris Jersey Farm, while Marhaven Tequila Ruthie, exhibited by Marhaven Jerseys, was Reserve Intermediate Champion in the Open Show.

††††† Kevin Lutz, Lincolnton, North Carolina, was the judge for the show. There were 120 entries in the show.



Winter Heifer Calf (4)

1. Ellieís Emma LeezaLu, Meltonís Jerseys 2. Call-Del B Fire Renegade-ET, Call-Del 3.S & S Galvanize Rocket, S & S Dairy Farms LLC


Fall Heifer Calf (11)

1. DKG Motion Rockin Robin, Mill Valley Farms2. Lake Point Razzle Dazzle, Kari Michalovich, 3. M Signature Tina Maries Reasling


Summer Yearling Heifer (13)

1. DKG Motion Hot Shot, Mill Valley Farms, 2. MVUE Tessas Tally, MVUE Jerseys, 3. Tequila Kooler of Call-Del, Call-Del


Spring Yearling Heifer (13)

1.     M Signature Valentino Scarlett-ET, Signature Cattle2. DKG Motion Blinky, Mill Valley Farm, 3. Tequila Kate, Harris Jersey Farm

2.     Winter Yearling Heifer (19)

1. T-Bone Daphne, Harris Jersey Farm, 2. JBL Falla Calis Calin, APB/Andre` Family 3. Topp View Spahrs HG Emily, Topp View Farm


Fall Yearling Heifer (12)

1. Miss Triple T Sure Bet, McGuires Holsteins & Jerseys 2. Broyden Tequila Vidalia-ET, Duane Cole, 3. Brenbe Impression No Fuss, Franchise


Junior Champion Open Show

M Signature Valentino Scarlett-ET, Signature Cattle

Reserve Junior Champion Open Show

Miss Triple T Sure Bet, McGuires Holsteins & Jerseys


Junior 2 Year Old (6)

1. J-KayTequila Marcy, Morgans Jerseys, 2. DKG Grandiose Frisky, Mill Valley Farms, 3. MVUE Governor McKenna, MVUE/uberhaven


Senior 2 Year Old (13)

1. Green Views Barracuda Julie, Harris Jersey Farm, 2. Marhaven Toptin Unique, Marhaven Jerseys, 3. MVUE Max Peanut MM, MVUE/Uberhaven


Junior 3 Year Old (5)

1.     Marhaven Tequila Ruthie, Marhaven Jerseys, 2. Willow Creek Iatola Majesty, Harris Jersey Farm 3. Columbus Eclipse Gretta, Lauren Estory

Intermediate Champion Open Show

Green Views Barracuda Julie, Harris Jersey Farm

Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show

Marhaven Tequila Ruthie, Marhaven Jerseys,


Senior 3 Year Old (10)

1. Hawk Pond Rosecrans Maddie, River Valley Jerseys2. Marhaven Anchor Ruby, Marhaven Jerseys, 3. HLF Iatola Shayla, Anderson Jerseys,


4 Year Old Cow (7)

1. Tower-Vue Kookies Krunch-ET, Iager & Walon, 2. Krimson Rosie, Harris Jersey Farm, 3. KC Wamp Leido, Harris Jersey Farm

5 Year Old Cow (3)

1. Cascadia Iatola Puzzle, Iager & Walton, 2. MVUE Mabs Venfy Milestone, MVUE/Uberhaven, 3. Brownline G Gov Cinder, Brownline Jerseys


Aged Cow (4)

1. Ryann of Reflection, Harris Jersey Farm, 2. Golden Courtney, Harris Jersey Farm 3. DKG Justice Lassie, Mill Valley Farms

Senior & Grand Champion Open Show

Cascadia Iatola Puzzle, Iager & Walton

Reserve Senior & Champion Open Show

Hawk Pond Rosecrans Maddie, River Valley Jerseys


Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Harris Jersey Farm